What are the main modes and application areas of super preparative chromatography?

preparative chromatographyIt is a chromatographic system for the purpose of separating pure substances, and analytical chromatography is a chromatographic system for the purpose of analyzing sample component information. Based on their different purposes, preparative chromatography has many different characteristics relative to analytical chromatography. The chromatographic modes commonly used in preparative chromatography are low pressure, medium pressure, and high pressure to cope with the separation of samples of different types and different purity requirements, while minimizing costs.


Low pressure: Generally speaking, low pressure is suitable for easy separation of compounds, but long separation time can easily cause decomposition of sensitive compounds.

Medium pressure: Medium pressure generally uses a constant flow pump to provide a constant mobile phase flow rate, with smaller filler particles, higher resolution, higher pressure tolerance and faster flow rate.

High pressure: high pressure is usually used in the later stage of separation and preparation, and is applied to samples with difficult separation, and the purity can even reach99.9%.


Compared with traditional purification methods (such as distillation and extraction), preparative chromatography is a more effective separation method, so it is widely used in the extraction and purification of samples and products. With the increasing demand for high-purity components in the fields of synthesis, phytology, biochemistry and pharmacy, the application field of preparative liquid chromatography is also expanding rapidly. At present, laboratory-grade preparative liquid chromatography is mainly used in the following fields:

1.Natural medicine chemistry, Chinese medicine chemistry;

2.Protein purification;

3.purification of drug impurities;

4.Preparation of chiral compounds;

5.Industrial hemp extraction;

6.High purity fish oil extraction

Innovation Tongheng is a high-tech company focusing on liquid chromatography separation technology. In the past five years, it has been aiming at the separation and purification of active substances in natural products.20years experience in preparative chromatography,Use5A super chromatography equipment with a number of independent intellectual property rights was developed inSuperChrom ®  preparative chromatographic system. The equipment can be composed of two columns, five columns, eight columns and other multi column super chromatography system.(An improved simulated moving bed separation method Patent No:ZL200810121553.7). Can be selected according to product characteristics and process needs. This equipment fills the domestic blank. already in paclitaxel,10DABCoenzymeQ10Orlistat and industrial hemp extraction are verified in several products. Compared with single column chromatography, super chromatography has the characteristics of high productivity, high yield and low reagent usage. After five years of research and development, testing and improvement, we have a unique advantage in plant extraction.

MainThere are the following points:


1.The whole process uses ethanol water as the mobile phase, which is the food law approved the use of solvents;


2.High production efficiency, large sample volume, high product yield.;


3.This device can extract all the monomers in cannabinoids according to customer needs, suchCBD,CBG,CBN,CBCand so on, can be produced according to market demand;

4.Low production costs, from flowers and leaves to products, take broad-spectrum oil removalTHCFor example, the production of a kilogram of broad-spectrum oil is less than 1,000 RMB, and the production of a kilogram of high purity oil is less than 1,000 RMB.CBDLess than 2,000, which is not reached by any equipment company in the world.


Innovation Tongheng's super preparation chromatography process (domestic first, international leading), in the application of high-purity fish oil products, the process advantage is very obvious. We start from7010Fish oil does.97%Above high purityEPA,Cost per kilogram550Yuan (including raw materials, reagents, labor, equipment depreciation), only the traditional high-pressure preparation chromatography production costs.1/3Left and right.

The advantages of super preparative chromatography mainly include the following points:

1.Large sample loading, high utilization rate of packing;

2.Part of the reagent internal circulation, reagent usage is low, less than the traditional process reagent usage.1/2;

3.The yield of the product is high, basically in.95%Left and right;

4.Can do purity99Above, single miscellaneous control in0.2%the following;

5.have diameter1000mmSuper preparative chromatography can verify the relevant process parameters on site.