With innovative technology to promote industrial development, hemp Expo site well received!

On July 31, the Asia-Pacific Industrial Hemp Industry Expo Yunnan Station and the 2nd 520 Industrial Hemp Festival Summit Forum co-sponsored by the Hemp Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the ACU Asia-Pacific Industrial Hemp Industry Association ended successfully in Kunming, Yunnan. The Expo attracted hundreds of enterprises to participate in the exhibition. The summit forum held at the same time invited more than 800 industry experts to participate in the discussion and exchange, providing assistance for the development of China's industrial hemp industry, helping the domestic industry find its own characteristics and advantages, and narrowing the gap with foreign markets.

Summit Forum

The exhibitors of this Expo cover the whole industrial chain of industrial hemp. As a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the research and application of separation technology, "Innovation Tongheng" was also invited to participate in this industry event to provide solutions for the separation and extraction in the research and production of industrial hemp. At the Expo site, Innovation Tongheng not only received a large number of visitors who came to consult, but also had close exchanges with colleagues and partners in the industry.

Booth Site

In addition to fiber and seeds, the application of industrial hemp leaf extract cannabidiol (CBD) is a hot spot in the development of industrial hemp industry, and the extraction of CBD is very dependent on separation and purification technology. Since its establishment in 2000, Innovation Tongheng has focused on the research and development and application of separation and purification technology based on liquid chromatography technology. After 20 years of accumulation and development, Innovation Tongheng has been in the forefront of domestic chromatography product research and manufacturing. Through technological innovation and independent research and development, we have completed the product line throughout the whole process of quality inspection, research and development and large-scale production in the pharmaceutical and chemical fields, and have been recognized by the state. In recent years, innovative Tongheng's new technologies and new products in the field of natural product separation and purification have provided more and more help for the industrial hemp industry to reduce production costs.

Innovation Tongheng's products include laboratory high-performance liquid chromatography systems, pilot-scale preparative liquid chromatography systems, and production-based industrial preparative liquid chromatography systems. At this Expo, Innovation Tongheng brought a variety of products for the extraction and processing of industrial hemp, including CXTH Process H industrial production preparation system, AIC-101 impurity capture instrument, analytical high performance liquid chromatograph, LC3000UP laboratory preparation system, super preparation SuperChrom.®5000 and so on.

CXTH Process H industrial production preparation system

CXTH Process H industrial production preparation system is a suitable for CBD extraction of industrial preparation of liquid chromatography. The advantages of separation and purification are that THC in the product can be removed to less than 0.01%, and after one-step separation and purification, the CBD content of full/broad-spectrum oil can reach 50-80%, and the yield can reach more than 95%. In addition, the characteristics of the preparation system are: high filler load, low dosage, small overall investment in equipment; less elution solvent, short elution time, low production energy consumption, high efficiency; fully automatic module system, high degree of automation, convenient operation.


AIC-101 impurity capture instrument

AIC-101 impurity capture instrument can accurately capture and enrich a trace component in complex systems, which is mainly used for the separation and enrichment of related impurities in chemical drugs and the screening of active ingredients in natural product chemistry. The product operation is flexible, can be continuous treatment, can also be intermittent operation.


analytical high performance liquid chromatograph

Analytical high performance liquid chromatography is used for the detection of polypeptide synthesis and purification process and the detection of polypeptide purification results. Its flow range is 0.001-10 m/min, and the detection wavelength is expanded to 190-800nm. Compared with the previous product, the analytical high performance liquid chromatograph not only optimized and upgraded the plunger and cam, but also adopted a new CPU design. In addition, it also has the functions of firmware online update, multi-point wavelength correction and power-off protection.

LC3000UP laboratory preparation system

The flow range of the LC3000UP laboratory preparation system is 0-3000 m/min. Compatible with medium pressure preparation column, with reverse phase and normal phase dewashing system. The detector has ultraviolet, differential refraction, diode array and other types can be selected. The injection valve can choose different sample rings to meet different processing capacity requirements. Equipped with automatic fraction collection to realize automatic sample collection. The whole instrument is made of PEEK material, which is suitable for biological sample purification.

Super preparation SuperChrom®5000


SuperChrom®As a professional plant active ingredient purification system, the series of products have the advantages of automatic module control, convenient operation, high separation efficiency, large production capacity, high product recovery and purity, low energy consumption such as dissolution, etc. It is especially suitable for the separation and purification of low content monomers in natural products.


CBD extraction is an important part of the application of industrial hemp, which is of great significance to the development of industrial hemp industry. Preparative chromatography is more effective in extraction and purification than distillation, extraction and other traditional purification methods, so it has become the main method of CBD extraction. With the development of domestic industrial hemp industry, industrial hemp extraction has more demand and higher requirements for preparative chromatography. Innovation Tongheng will promote the development of China's plant extraction industry by virtue of its breakthrough in the separation and purification of natural product active substances.

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