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200mm DAC system

200mm DAC system

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200mm DAC system

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    • Commodity name: 200mm DAC system
    • Commodity ID: 1091282555085934592

    Product Introduction:

    Equipped with dynamic axial compression column200mmPilot scale-up system, usingH-TREEPatented distribution design, better separation effect. The preparation column and the column loading system adopt the integrated design, and the column loading process is very simple,10μmThe packing can achieve almost the same high column efficiency as the analysis column, can be used online after the preparation of the column is installed without disassembly, and the axial dynamic pressure is always maintained inside the column bed, which can maintain the stability of the column bed and the column efficiency for a long time, and the single sample loading amount can be more achieved.20gAbout, this product is very suitable for annual production100kgCustomers of the following pure products.


    Product Features:

    1)  It is convenient to install the column, and the operator can install the column by himself.

    2)  The column performance is maintained for a long time and the column has a long service life.

    3)  AdoptH-TREEPatented distribution design, better separation effect

    4)  Dynamic axial compression columns can be customized according to user needs.

    5)  The injection mode can be selected by a separate injection pump or injection valve.

    6)  The maximum and minimum pressure can be adjusted, the pump will stop immediately when the maximum pressure is higher than the maximum pressure, and the pump will be delayed when the minimum pressure is lower than the minimum pressure.2minAutomatic pump stop.


  • Product parameters :

    Chromatographic column

    Column inner diameter:


    Column tube length:

    650mm (standard configuration)

    Column tube material:

    316L stainless steel

    Inner wall finish:


    Piston material:

    316L stainless steel

    Sieve plate material:

    316L stainless steel, pore size: 3-5μm

    Maximum withstand voltage:


    Air pressure requirements:


    Gas demand:

    ≥3m 3



    Infusion method:

    Double plunger reciprocating motion

    pump head:

    3000mL stainless steel pump head

    Maximum working pressure:


    Flow range:


    Flow accuracy:


    Flow repeatability:


    Operating mode:

    isocratic or gradient

    Collection device:

    Automatic or manual collection devices can be configured according to user needs



    Wavelength range:

    ( 190-800 )nm

    Light source:

    Deuterium lamp ( standard configuration ); tungsten lamp ( replaceable )

    Wavelength Accuracy:


    Wavelength repeatability:


    Static baseline noise:

    ≤ 0.5 × 10 -5 AU

    Static baseline drift:

    ≤ 1.5 × 10 -4 AU/h

    Flow cell:

    10L flow cell (standard configuration)

  • Application areas:

    1)  drug purification:Synthetic drugs, fermented drugs, biological pharmaceuticals, etc.

    2)  purification of natural products

    3)  purification of fine chemical intermediates


    Commonly used consumables(Optional)

    1)  BalsealSealing ringX225920 3LPump high pressure sealing ring

    2)  3Lift pump low pressure sealing ring

    3)  3One-way valve for lift pump

    4)  UV3000detector deuterium lamp

    5)  200DACPiston lower seal ringF4

    6)  200DACSealing ring of piston sieve plate

    7)  200DACSealing ring of sieve plate at bottom of column

    8)  P185Axial sealing ring(200AHigh-pressure sealing ring for axial use)

    9)  210*5.33CladdingORing

    10) FV158X2.5PTFE-coated seal ring

    11) Sealing ring of sieve plate at bottom of column

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