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LC3050N type semi-preparation system

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    • Commodity name: LC3050N type semi-preparation system
    • Commodity ID: CXTH23-004

    Equipment Introduction

    LC3050NType A is a new semi-preparative high performance liquid chromatograph developed by our company, which continues the advantages of LC3050 chromatograph and adds a network connection, thus giving the workstation an additional choice in communication connection. The system is mainly composed of P3050N high pressure infusion pump and UV3050N ultraviolet visible detector.

    LC3050NThe semi-preparative gradient system is designed for the purification of gradient elution conditions with a flow rate of 50 mL/min in the laboratory. Its flow range is suitable for chromatographic columns with inner diameters of 20 to 30mm, which can meet the purification requirements of single purification of milligram to gram samples and obtain the best purity and recovery rate. It is mainly used for the preparation of sample separation and purification under gradient elution conditions.

      LC3050NThe semi-preparative gradient system was also used for preparative method validation and optimization. The preparative chromatographic conditions obtained by analytical liquid chromatography were amplified to a semi-preparative chromatographic system to verify the preparative chromatographic conditions and further optimize the recommend system.

    Firmware program all use remote online update, the operation is more convenient, the function icon display, the operation is simple and easy to understand.


    Equipment features

     Solvent transmission double plunger reciprocating pump, double plunger suction, small pulsation; electronic compensation, accurate flow rate;

     The maximum/minimum pressure is adjustable, and the user data is automatically stored;

     High pressure protection, more than the set pressure value immediately automatically stop the pump running;

     Dynamic mixing, solvent mixing more fully, better repeatability;

     1/16"Pipeline connection, strong versatility, convenient and practical;

     Signal detection 190nm-800nm wavelength detection range, a wider range of applications;

     GLPInformation function, convenient to view the total lighting time, lighting times, the number of replacement lights and product serial number and other equipment information;

     Display 320X240 dot matrix large-screen LCD display, simple and generous;

     Control mode Independent control mode: through the LCD panel button control, set all working parameters, so that the operation is more flexible;

     Computer control mode 1: through RS232 serial port connection, using CXTH workstation software control system;

     Computer control mode 2: through the network cable connection, the use of Clarity workstation software control system;

     It is mainly used to separate and purify the target monomer from the mixture;

     Versatility can be used in positive and reverse phase solvent systems;

     Optionally, there are common versions and biocompatible versions for self-selection.


    Application areas

    It is mostly used for research and development in medicine, food, chemical industry, life science, universities and research institutes, such:

    and High-throughput screening of active substances-drug development

    and Laboratory scale purification (gram scale)


  • Technical parameters

    P3050NHigh pressure infusion pump

    Flow range:


    Maximum working pressure:


    Flow rate accuracy:


    Flow repeatability:

    RSD≤ 0.5%

    Pressure pulsation:

    pressure pulsation≤ 1.5%,@1ml/min, back pressure≥ 10Mpa

    Gradient error:




    Overall dimensions and weight:

    455 × 265 × 190mm 11.2kg


    UV3050N typeultraviolet-visible spectroscopic detector

    Wavelength range:

    (190800) NM

    Light source:

    deuterium lamp(Standard configuration); Tungsten lamp(Replaceable)

    Band width:


    Wavelength accuracy:


    Wavelength Repeatability:


    Static Baseline Noise:

    ≤ ± 0.5 × 10-5I/O

    Static Baseline Drift:

    ≤ 1.5 × 10-4I/O



    Overall dimensions and weight:

    455 × 265 × 180mm (Long×Wide×High) 9.2kg


  • System Configuration (recommend)

    Serial Number

    Product Name



    P3050NHigh pressure infusion pump

    1(advation);2 (gradient)


    UV3050Ntype ultraviolet-visible detector



    50mlcirculation cell



    7725iinjection valve






    semi-preparative dynamic mixer



    Analytical Solvent Tissue Box



    Chromatography Workstation (with encryption lock)

    1 (standard domestic, optional clarity workstation)


    Start-up installation tool and kit

    1 (optional advation kit or gradient kit)


    Column (ID10,ID20,ID30)

    1 (optional)


    Commonly used consumables (optional)

    1).Semi-prepared high-pressure sealing ring

    2).Semi-prepared low pressure sealing ring

    3).Semi-Prepared Plunger

    4).One-way valve

    5).UV3000detector deuterium lamp