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DAC 500mm-EX

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    • Commodity name: 500DAC
    • Commodity ID: 1091282537847345152


    The system will include: column loading unit (dynamic axial compression column DAC, column inner diameter of 500mm), mobile phase transmission unit, UV detection and fraction collection unit (semi-automatic or fully automatic), control unit (computer, electric control cabinet) and other necessary auxiliary equipment and accessories.

    features and advantages

    1) Multi-solvent inlet, suitable for cleaning of different systems to avoid cross-contamination;

    2) Suitable for use in flammable and explosive environments, with an explosion-proof grade of EXD IIB T4;

    3) Built-in multiple operation modes: bypass, recoil, etc., easy to choose and high degree of automation;

    4) All contact materials meet the requirements of laws and regulations, and provide the material certification report of the third-party authority;

    5) Local or remote computer control-all valve switches can be controlled on the computer, automatic purification scheme can be set, and all processes from sampling to collection can be completed.

    6) The system adopts a number of patented technologies, such as: a unique H-TREE and efficient forced distribution method to ensure the separation effect and stability;

    7) Reduce the height of the equipment, reduce the weight of the equipment, and facilitate installation and maintenance;

    8) A variety of system protection measures, such as: software alarm and high-pressure safety valve, etc., to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the system;

    9) System control and data acquisition software meets FDA 21 CFR PART11 requirements, such as historical records, audit trails, electronic signatures, etc.


  • Product Parameters


    Chromatography is a means of separation and analysis, and the core of the separation is the chromatographic column, so the chromatographic column that is responsible for the separation is the heart of the chromatographic system. It is an important technical requirement to maintain uniform and constant pressure in each section of the column by axial compression technology. The current advanced approach is to use dynamic axial compression technology. Dynamic axial compression technology is through the movement of the piston to complete the column loading, maintaining column pressure and unloading column work. The periphery of the piston is equipped with a specially designed sealing structure that allows the piston to slide freely along the inner wall of the column tube while maintaining a high degree of sealing. The piston movement and pressure maintenance rely on the pressure holding system, and the hydraulic power is more stable and more uniform than the traditional axial compression column using spring power, which makes the use of the separation column better.

    The column design is based on the dynamic axial compression column mode, and the column piston always generates a stable pressure on the column bed, which can effectively avoid the collapse and loosening of the column bed. The system can realize forward or recoil by switching the flow path, which is convenient for operation and maintenance. The chromatographic distributor adopts the innovative and patented H-TREE distribution technology, which ensures the high column efficiency and higher separation effect of the chromatographic column.

    Main parameters:

    (1) Column tube inner diameter: 500mm, length 650mm (standard, can be designed according to customer needs);

    (2) Material of column tube: 316L stainless steel;

    (3) Inner wall finish Ra ≤ 0.4 μm;

    (4) Piston material: 316L stainless steel;

    (5) Sieve plate material: 316L stainless steel, aperture: 3-5μm;

    (6) Maximum withstand voltage: 10MPa;

    (7) Air pressure demand: ≥ 6bar;

    (8) Gas demand: ≥ 3m 3/min;

    Infusion pump:

    Main parameters:

    (1) Pump working mode: multi-head plunger pump

    (2) Maximum flow rate: 10L/min

    (3) Maximum working pressure: 10MPa, with overpressure protection function

    (4) Flow rate accuracy: ± 1.0%

    (5) Reproducibility of flow rate: ≤ 1%

    (6) Working mode: isocratic or gradient

    (7) Communication mode: through the LAN port communication protocol, by the PC anti-control

    (8) Liquid contact material: 316L,PTFE


    Main parameters:

    (1) Model: AZURA UVD2.1L fiber optic detector (imported)

    (2) Wavelength range:(190-750)nm

    (3) Flow cell design: optical fiber flow cell

    (4) Maximum flow rate of the flow cell: 10L/min

    (5) Maximum pressure resistance of the flow cell: 10MPa

    (6) flow through material: 316L

    (7) Communication mode: LAN port communication, anti-control by PC

    (8) Baseline noise: ± 2 × 10-5Au at 254 nm

    (9) Baseline drift: 4 × 10-4Au/h at 254 nm

    (10) wavelength accuracy: ± 2.5nm

    (11) Wavelength repeatability: 0.3nm

    (12) Time constant: 0.0/0.1/0.2/0.5/1.0/2.0/5.0/10.0 s


  • Application areas

    (1) The food industry

    (2) Pharmaceutical industry

    (3) Environmental detection

    (4) Bioengineering and Biochemistry

    (5) Fine chemical industry

    (6) Extraction and purification of products in the fields of phytogenesis, synthesis, pharmacy, biology and biochemistry.

    Commonly used consumables (optional)

    (1)500 column bottom seal ring

    (2)500 piston sieve plate seal ring

    (3)500 piston lower seal ring

    (4)500 piston upper seal ring

    (5)500 high pressure seal ring

    (6)10L pump check valve

    (7) Detector deuterium lamp

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